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Office/Shop Condo - $189,000

Water Plants

Hardy Water Lilies, Ribbon Grass, Cattails and Horsetails

5" vise - $75

Bron, 5", mechanics' vise, 360 degree swivel base. New for this quality expect to pay $243.

7-1/2" pulley - $20

Postmaster, K88, 7-1/2"pulley

Lapping and Polishing Machine- $150

FMC, Syntron Model LP-III, Lapping and Polishing Machine. High-frequency vibration. 2.85 amps - 115V/60 Cy Includes some walnut and corn cob media, (1) pint plastic vibrating container.Documentation: Service Instructions and Parts List. Procedure for Working Specimens. Spring Replacement Guide

100' of 7x19 wire rope - $75

7 x 19 IWRC, 1/2" galvanized, 100' wire rope 5/16" diameter, forged steel thimbles both ends. New for this quality expect to pay $284.25


Bug Zapper! - $45


Spreader beam - $125

spreader beam, standard 48" 2 ton, adusts on 1" increments over 2'. 12" headroom. Equipped with (2) Crosby WWL 1 Ton safety hooks. Beam OD 4" x 4". Documentation: Crosby Application Instructions & Warning, Safety Information. Replacement cost for one of these is $433.


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