REV 10.0 - 04/15/04
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The Vanter Group proudly presents

Estate Item #147: Deluxe Commercial Condominium

For Sale by Owner

Located in the West Winton Business Park at Cabot & West Winton (Hayward, CA)


Do you consider your work art? Tired of renting with no ROI?

maybe it's time to consider a new work space that will reflect the real you

Ready for the tour?
What all is included? Read on!

Starting at the exterior


*   2 private parking stalls
*   10' w x12' h rollup door

*    overall interior dimensions 23'-6" x 46-4"
*   dues include care of landscaping, water, some garbage
the office
*   new commercial grade (26 oz) carpet tile
*   new base
*   new ceiling tile
*   (3) new commercial grade duplex outlets
*   (2) line phone jack
*   2 full size acoustical insulating panel/tack boards
*    new commercial grade light switches
*    (1) 2x4 florescent light fixture operated with two
       switches (each switch operates two tubes)

front of the shop


sorry that fiberglass extension ladder is NOT included

*  fresh paint (2 coats primer, 2 coats satin enamel on all walls
*  (1) chain/hanging rack @ rollup door
*  (1) pipe holds 20' lengths (one end above the office door)

*   new commercial handles on office and restroom doors
*   concrete floors freshly scrubbed and topcoated
      with 3 coats sealer/finisher

*   all expansion joints cleaned and recaulked

the restroom

* work out at lunch? No problem!

* got a date after work? No problem!


*  new commercial grade (1/8") VCT (Azrock)
*  (2) new GFI protected duplex outlets
*   lit mirror with storage
*   GFCI protected light switches
*    combination light/exhaust fan above shower
*    combination circulating air fan/light
*    3' x 3' shower - need a backup emergency shower?

*    ZEP D-4000 hand cleaner dispenser
        includes (1) unopened gallon of citrus hand cleaner

need to take a break?

what is all that stuff up there??
        all kinds of things
        you will love having 

you know touchup, repair, spares..

(again, fiberglass extension ladder NOT included)

*   11'-6" x 24'-2" mezzanine area
        (headroom ~ 7'-2" clear between joists)
*   commercial grade carpet tile (very quiet)
*    8 foot baseboard heater w/thermostat
*    electric dryer
*    new VCT on 2' x3' area for washer (not included) and dryer
*    hot & cold water hookups
*    30 gallon hot water heater (purchased 2000)
*    oh look, one of the two 4' x 8' skylights!
*     phone jack above heater and phone jack at ladder
now for some of the 'beef'
*      3'  x 7'-10" bench constructed of 9" solid wood base
*      bench cantilevered on 8" 'I' beams
*      bench covered with 1/4" polished stainless steel top
*      8' florescent (4) tube light above bench
how about power?
*   3 phase power available
*   all circuits marked
*   current panel listing
*   shop exhaust fan switch located here
*   check out the surface on that bench!

hook up where ever you want!


*  extra water drop
*  90 lineal feet of 1" copper compressed air line
      feed with (3) pressure gages (one on each end
      and one drop)
         just waiting to drop in your compressor
*    (7) 1/2" copper air drops
*    90 lineal feet of bus duct distribution system with
        extra receptacle plug-in boxes, tap boxes, shut-off
        boxes, bus duct accessories (cover plates, outlet
        plates, strut adapters,etc.)

In other words - you decide where you want the
power and what kind!
and it's off to create you go!
*   4' x 8 'skylight in rear of shop
*   phone buzzer (hear the phone in the shop)
*    emergency light
*   (3) fire extinguishers with signage -- you decide
        where you want them
*   All adjoining walls sealed at the top and around
        all shared penetrations

Oh yeah!!

NOW we're talking!

way cool 'BIG KID' toys

*   Yale, K-Series, 1 Ton electric crane (spare electric rails,
        reel covers and rail caps included)
*   Budgit 2 Ton chain hoist (spare hook and pulley chains
     Both cranes travel over a 12' w x shop length. Both cranes
         are freshly cleaned and serviced-rarin' to go!

air and light

the essentials!

* (3) Lithonia 8' florescent (4) tube sparkling clean white
     high bay light fixtures

* (4) Lumark Hi-Tek sodium light fixtures overhead & spare

* 2' exhaust fan with fresh rust protective paint


$189,000 gets you all of this



  * 2 private parking stalls 
  * 10' w x12' h rollup door
   * dues include care of landscaping

The Basics:

  *  1105+/- SF
  *  10' x10' office
  *  8' x 8' bathroom
  *  10' x 12' rollup door
  *  11'-6" x 24'-2" beefy mezzanine
  *  (2) 4' x 8' Skylights
  *  (3) 8' florescent light fixtures overhead


  *  Yale 1 Ton electric crane
  *   Budgit 2 Ton chain hoist 
  *   90 lineal feet of 1" copper compressed air feed
         with (3) pressure gages (one on each end and
         one drop)
   *   (7) 1/2" copper air drops
   *   90 lineal feet of bus duct distribution system
   *  ( 4) Lumak Hi-Tek light fixtures overhead plus spare
   *   way 'butch' work bench
   *   Water cooler - not pictured (out for reconditioning)
   *   Shop phone buzzer
   *   Emergency light
   *   Shower

And what else?

  *  one owner/tenant--purchased before construction
  *  architectural finishes throughout
  *  fresh paint throughout
  *  new carpet and new VCT
  *  super clean - LIKE NEW condition
  *  even the copper and light fixtures are polished!
  *  commercial grade+ throughout
  *  'best in show' in it's class

  *  Operations and Maintenance Manual which includes:
        -  warranties, technical data, finishes, subcontracted
            installation contact information, etc. for all Owner
            installed equipment
       -   ACAD drawings files of shop
       -   electronic files for electrical panel distribution, finishes,
            table of contents and inserts

 *  Owner's Association Manual which includes:
       -  Bylaws, CCRs, Budgets, Rules & Regulations


   *  2 miles from bayside trail that runs from the
         San Mateo bridge up to the San Leandro marina!
   *  1.5 miles to the Hayward Airport
   *  1.8 miles from 880
   *  2.8 miles from the 92

The Vanter Group would like to acknowledge all of the incredible project assistance they received

(not listed in the order of importance by any means):

Original Concept and Infrastructure -The One--The Only Mr. Paul A. Edgerley
Interior Design Base Colors - Cori Jensen

Interior Design Vision and Inspiration - Winford Jolley

Construction Consultant - D.G. Wetter Construction, Inc.
Construction Subcontractor, Massive Moral Support, Emergency Funding, Housing - Dean Wetter
Project Artist - Elizabeth Eady
Project Photographer, Project Emergency Funding, Drop Everything and Get Here - Susan Honda Eady
Plumbing Consultant & Equipment Rentals with Major TERMS! - Mission Plumbing Company
Project Manager Responsible for Maintaining 'Fire In the Belly' - J.A. Wetter
Liquidation Consultant - Larry Olson
Emergency and Supplemental Funding - Mary Maggini
Being There Regularly, Reliable Comic Relief and Divine Inspiration - Cori Jensen
Crisis Management - Douglas Wetter and Vicki Newcomer
Providing Income Opportunities to Finance Project - Rick White and Mission Plumbing Company
Heart and Consistent Emotional Support - B.B. Wetter and M.D. Samie
Project Management and Project Financing: The Vanter Group